What would paranormal investigators have to do with this issue? Well, a lot, actually!


The modern zeitgeist of the paranormal has been misrepresenting and overshadowing Black voices, suppressing and even outright erasing the histories and voices of People of Color within our community. Some of what we actually do in the paranormal, how we interpret it, and even how we investigate has been co-opted from African American and Indigenous cultures. This has become overtly apparent to us as we contemplate this year's current events within the context of our own lives. 

Full Dark has committed to a monetary contribution to the Black Lives Matter organization on a regular basis, to consistently promoting BIPOC paranormal and occult professionals, academics, YouTubers, and creators, and to keeping our position to support Black lives and livelihoods visible. 

We've donated $205 as of 6/6/20 between Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, the Albany Bail Fund for Black Lives, and in support for the protest medics in Columbus, Ohio. We freaking LOVE Ohio, btw! But, we know that is NOT nearly "enough", it's just a spark of a startAs we learn and expand our own horizons about occult and paranormal People of Color, we'll continue to amplify those voices.

We have to do better, and we want to incorporate that into our niche of the Ghostly, Magickal, Weird and Mysterious. We will also be continuing to hold ourselves and others within the paranormal accountable where we see racism and discrimination. We need to be better, the paranormal community needs to be better. Enough is Enough.

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