2019 - 2022:

  • BLACK LIVES MATTER, ActBlue Network: $525

  • Chickadee Spice Co - non-profit providing free spices and condiments to food-insecure communities in Boston, MA: $600

  • G.W. Adams Educational Center, Trinway, Ohio: $400

  • Ten Broeck Mansion, Albany County Historical Association, Albany, NY: $2000

  • Albany Bail & Safety Fund for Black Lives - “This fund has been set up in response to the escalation of protests by the Albany Police Department to ensure the safety of protesters through bail AND rapid response RADICAL BLACK SAFETY": $40

  • My Sistah's House - fosters sustainability and security for the most vulnerable of the transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer (TLGBQ) communities in Memphis Tennessee: $20

  • 518 Free Store, Albany, NY: approximately $100 in food and monetary donation.

*Full Dark does not hold events, public investigations or fundraisers. Our decisions to donate are based on giving back where it can do the most good for the people who need it, now. Marginalized communities along with historic preservation organizations that are working to build an inclusive and accurate presentation of their historical property are where we like to focus our efforts.