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Naked Heart Tarot
by Jillian C. Wilde

This deck is my "daily driver", and what I use for a single pull every morning, and the most complex readings. I have a deck that I started on, but it doesn't jive with me the same way that this one does, and I've cycled to this one for now. The suits of the minor arcana are set up slightly different than a traditional deck, with the Innocence, Movement, Heart and Spirit being in the place of the Page, Knight, Queen and King. I don't know why this animal-focused deck hit so specially with me, but this, combined with the Nocturna Oracle make a perfect pair for my card work these days.

The Nocturna Oracle
by Megan Wyreweden

I didn't give oracle decks a lot of thought until a few years ago, but I tend to use them for more direct insight and uncomplicated needs or questions. The dark background, and number of species represented in the cards are part of my affinity toward it. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this deck contains both fireflies and a manta ray. To me, those two favorites in one deck just seemed too obvious to pass it up. I've enjoyed the very quiet, and unassuming feeling of this deck.

This oracle deck is so unique, and Katie's process in creating it was really personal and intuitive, and I appreciated that (and she's effin' rad) in a deck creator. Each card is a photo she snapped when encountering something that inspired a particular tapped-in feeling. It's difficult to articulate, but visceral. She's spent many years doing tarot and intuitive work, and continually offers fresh takes on both tarot and oracle reading.

After interacting with her here and there on social media and attending her presentation on tarot during Phenomenacon 2, it was a no-brainer to purchase this deck. And with her cards come a personally sourced Maine quartz rock. 

Dope Quotes
by Krystal Banner

I came upon this artist through Instagram, so as far as seeking out decks that work for an individual, 21st Century tech and divination make inevitable connections. I found this one in such a way and felt like it was a different take on the way I could broaden a card reading.


These cards work best as a single pull but I can pair them with any deck as well. They're not an every day deck, but more or less when I'm trying to create or inspire anything of a positive or uplifting nature around me. 

I love the vibrancy of this deck, and all the color and the rich artwork. I'll be honest, the sun's face bothers me slightly, and if you feel this way too, I get it. I love that this deck is all flora, though, and includes the ones I use most often, and I know anyone involved in a similar magickal practice would as well. There's at least half a deck of trees and flowers that I have more to learn about, but have always admired. Growing up with a master gardener for a mom, this deck hits home in a really special way. The book is concise and easy to take in as well. 

The Key Tarot
by Jamie Gold & Scarlet Ravenswood

I watched this deck come to fruition over time after I learned an online acquaintance named Aly Kravetz, known as the Bronx Witch was to be part of it! She's the World card. I was so excited to watch this deck be created from idea, to Kickstarter, to fully complete project. Jamie and Scarlet really let their supporters into their creative space and have posted how the photography for each card was shot, edited, and layered into each individual card. And the people in the deck are all magick practitioners and tarot readers as well. It's a truly beautiful work of inclusive, relevant, and stunning art.