FULL DARK               EXPOSURE

Historically significant locations brought to light.

  The past deserves to be preserved in any way it can, and we've taken the initiative to expose historically significant locations to the public with our video series, Full Dark Exposure, or FDX. We've chosen to use film to act as a steward of the facts and photos of what remains of these places in an effort to bring more awareness to the plight of abandonment, and the need for preservation efforts. Our series has taken us to exciting and infamous Northeast locations.

  • Richtmyer Tavern, Conesville, Schoharie Co., NY

  • Ten Broeck Mansion, Albany, NY

  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

  • Bannerman Castle, Bannerman Island, Beacon, NY


Past & 



1920's Ten Broeck Mansion preview reel
Ten Broeck Mansion - WIP

FDP is anticipating the final Ten Broeck documentary to be a more in-depth project than it was conceived as, and we're excited to take on the challenge of building this type of historical exposé. 

  See a preview of our ongoing work on Ten Broeck Mansion right here, and enjoy the first full feature of Eastern State Penitentiary and the short video of the Richtmyer Tavern. Subscribe to our channel to learn more about the architecturally significant places we love. 

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