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A Few Thousand Weirdos

Everyone knows Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. "Here I go, again on my own...going down the only road I've ever known," etc etc. It's terrible, and terribly catchy when you're waiting at a festival in 93 degree heat for Rage Against The Machine to take the stage.

Unlike the drifter in the crappy Whitesnake hit, I was not born to walk alone. However, I am taking my own road in this weird, unnatural, inexplicable field a few thousand weirdos call the Paranormal. That capital P means it's a thing of sorts, with accepted ideas and fairly consistent methods across the board. I'm going to try to poke the ghosts one more time and see what kind of responses or mindfucks I can get out of it, and I plan to drag a few (un)fortunate friends with me when possible. I suppose with a lifelong fascination and a constant pull toward the occult, I've never really stopped my investment in the Paranormal.

Since the low quality screen capture is the first glimpse into what lies ahead, let's get candid.

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