Dark Matter No.4: The Stories We Never Told, and the Psychics Behind Them

Rick, a former investigator, and myself were on a paranormal team for the better part of 4 years. We went through some really weird shit, like UTTER AND COMPLETE ABSURDITY that only ourselves and one other person witnessed one night in the basement of a former Masonic temple. But (!!) it wasn't paranormal - it was theatrics, and a very confusing experience.

This is the reality of working with an alleged or self-professed psychic on a paranormal team, and one hell of a dickered investigation (or several) due to that person. They shall remain nameless because I HAVE SCRUPLES. I have a right to speak my own truth too, as anyone does, so if it don't jive, click off.

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I'm Amy, a writer, researcher, YouTuber and artist from Upstate, New York. Invested in all things strange and unusual for my entire life, I've travelled to over 30 countries, and explored some of the most terrifying, famous haunts in the United States.
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