Eerie New England      The Tarot Interpretation

This is the Six of Pentacles, it has an Earth element association and is represented by two fish swimming through the eternity of cycles; the things that come and go. Giving, receiving, sharing, taking in.
To me, this feels like it speaks most to the intent of the tunnel and the ambition of the engineers to create a path for the physical things that needed to be moved. Supplies, food, materials and other goods all passed through this tunnel, and the work to build it took men into the very depths of the earth.
Freight trains run this route to this day, perpetually recreating the cycle by entering and exiting a mountain.

Hoosac Tunnel

The Tower card is represented here by a tree trunk being destroyed by lighting, blown apart and washed away by flood waters. It represents the utter destruction of something in order to create something new. Pulled on a tree stump no less, sometimes, the cards aren't subtle.
This Major Arcana card, pulled in the reverse, to me speaks to the act Elizabeth Naramore prepared to take to end her dire situation, and her plan to end the lives and the suffering of those she loved most, including herself. She was the lightning that struck apart her family due to the crisis of their existence looming over her for so many years.
This family was swept from existence, but not in vain. Families in situations like hers are now protected by laws to prevent such incredible suffering.

The Naramore Grave

The Six of Swords is seen here with the Element of Air, and a sea turtle swimming past the swords, from darkness to light.
In the reverse, this card can be seen as a stubbornness to movement, and a resistance to change.
To me, this feels like the prison camp itself was a model that couldn't be sustained as progress and technology kept moving forward, and leaving the place and its purpose behind.
The prison itself became surrounded by a flow of unstoppable water, and it had to be abandoned, going from light to darkness, almost like swimming backward in futility.

Rutland Prison Camp

The Spirit of Wands, in this deck, is the "King" card of the suit, with an elemental association of fire.
I see this for the man behind the homestead that eventually became this inn - Mr. Valentine Hill. He had the ambition, finances, and spirit of independence that took him to this plot of land to build his life and keep it running far beyond his mortal existence.
This card can be seen as infinite possibilities, and the capability to put one's ideas into action through delegation and direction of others.
This is exactly what Mr. Hill did in creating a massive and sprawling estate. It was not his own hands, but those of many, that built and ran this homestead.

Three Chimneys Inn

The Two of Pentacles is another Earth Element card, and speaks to the balance of time, adaptation, and personal priorities.
In this way, the red and green around the infinity symbol can be seen as the stop and start. To me, this speaks to the start and stop of seasons on specific dates, and star and planetary alignments which this site is used for.
This earth-based card speaks to the thousands of stones placed with utmost priority into the places they are. It says there's a lot going on here, but it's carefully plotted, and grounded in a placement meant for exact balance throughout the calendar year.
Once again freakily accurate, at least to me.

America's Stonehenge

The Two of Wands, associated with Fire, (although that is mutable with Air to me), is seen here as wands leaning against a crystal ball, indicating a need to hear the Higher Self to make the right choices for a desired future. 
The higher self that needs to be listened to in order to make the most instinctual and correct choices, seems like it's implying Madame Sherri herself. Her desire to create a magical, beautiful dwelling and bring exactly what and who she wanted to it, speak the loudest for me here.
Her ideas for this location were her own, as was how she spent her time and money, and not listening closely to the deepest warnings of excess, however, may have contributed to the downfall of her castle.

Madame Sherri's Castle

My intent in each pull was in the individual locations, and how a single card can speak to the most basic and fundamental aspect of each of these fascinating places. I think if I did a multiple card pull at the end of our entire trip, I'd have seen a more personal picture emerge that pertained to myself and Ryan. This was a first for our travels, and for the way we conduct our filming and what we include for a final video. We decided to let a far more personal side of ourselves and our work shine through here. We are believers, critical thinkers, curious and open to possibilities - and that includes the occult in many iterations like cartomancy.
This deck is the Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian C. Wilde.  Thank you for being here.

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