DARK &             MYSTERIOUS

A Series on the Occult

With so much of our personal lives invested in all things weird, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to address some of the more strange and unspoken aspects of the paranormal - specifically what would fall under the umbrella title of "the occult". The definition is in the name, the word means "hidden", or "secret". Occult items, beliefs, and practices have all been part of our human history from the ancient world to the modern. How we've addressed and perceived these seemingly darker aspects of our lives has altered dramatically in the face of religion, politics and global shifts in society throughout the centuries. In this ongoing video series, we tackle the facts behind specific subjects and present them in a brief and cinematic format.

Watch them here (newest episodes are posted here before they're released on YouTube)!


  • Pamela Colman Smith

  • Robert Johnson & The Crossroads

  • Weeping Statues

  • Phantom Lights

  • Apotropaic Magic

  • Ouija Boards

Sacred Spaces:

  • Artemis in Ancient Ephesus

  • The Black Madonna of Montserrat

  • Glendalough's Mysterious Tower